Refund Policy

Due to the many variables with shooting on-location DYS Photo does not refund completed work nor do we guarantee results. As a commercial photography company we provided finished images within the scope and consistent with all our other work posted on our website.

Please, prior to ordering, review the many thousands of photos we’ve taken for all kinds of different types of properties then decide if those are the “look” of finished photos you are looking to receive.

Please make sure the subject property is shoot ready before we arrive and if you would like specific shots of areas, rooms or angles let us know and we’ll be sure to get those shots you want.  You have the advantage of knowing the property where our photographers have only seen the property for a few minutes.  

We can not be responsible for items like soda cans, water bottles, keys, etc in the shot they can easily overlook items you may not want in the shot. 

By default we will capture front exterior, rear exterior and each room according to the number of shots ordered,  If a order is for 10 shots and the property has 15 rooms we’ll need to know what rooms you do not want photographed. 

Keeping prices down and very affordable we will provide the number of finished images ordered, we do not take a lot of photos then you can view and decided before purchasing which images you want. To ensure you receive what you have envisioned.  We encourage customers to let us what they want covered or any specific angles they would like taken.  If you would like a choice of shots please order a larger shoot package to ensure you have enough finished images to choose from.

If for some reason the finished photos did not come out as you anticipated all is not lost we can retone images at no charge and if you are looking for more shots the photographer generally has some extra they keep for a week just in case.

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