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We are shooting listings under SPECIFIC rules.
Consistent with the guidance updated by the California Association of Realtors on March 20, 2020, we are complying with the no person-to-person contact mandate.  If the property is inhabited it must be vacated 15 minutes prior to our arrival, and remain vacant during the shoot and until we're finished. Please put the key in a combo box or provide other instructions on how to access the property.  DO NOT meet the photographer at the property, do not have the sellers stay in the house including the garage.
- Prior to our arrival the property must be shoot ready, all lights on including any lamps, ceiling fans off, blinds adjusted the way you want them, we do suggest "vented" slightly open. If this is an uninhabited vacant property our photographer will turn on and off the lights and adjust the blinds.
- If you require any specific shots please let us know and we'll add the information to the photographers notes.
Due to the no person-to-person contact rules, we have brought back the 360 Walk-Through Tours.  For a sample click here here.



Prices below and it's very easy to book your shoot.  Have a idea of what shoot package you want and if your unsure you can always select what you think is the best package and change up until the time we start shooting.

The best way to book your shoot is online or any of our phone numbers are text-able and of course order email or a phone call.  Payment is made after your images are ready the next AM (except Saturday is Monday AM delivery). You will receive a gallery link, click the link, make payment and you'll have image access and the ability to download the images.

You have pricing choices either by the number of shots or by the sqft of the property.  

All shoots includes self service DYS Marketing Dashboard FREE! Includes your brand single property website, PDF Property Flyers, YouTube Video, Unbranded Slide-Show, Voice and Text Lead Capture, Embed Code, Craigslist Ad HTML.  If you want us to set up your DYS Marketing Dashboard add $35.  

By the Shot Price By the Sqft Price
5 Shots* $59 0 - 1099 (15 shots) $124
10 Shots $99 1100 - 1999 (20 shots) $149
15 Shots $124 2000 - 2999 (25 shots) $174
20 Shots $149 3000 - 3499 (35 shots) $199
25 Shots $174 3500 - 3999 (45 shots) $224
35 Shots $199 4000 - 4499 (55 shots) $249
45 Shots $224 4500 - 5000 (75 shots) $299
55 Shots $249 5000 - 6000 (100 shots) $349
65 Shots $274
75 Shots $299

All packages above include close walking-distance HOA amenities and gate shot. No access or properties not shoot-ready are charged a location fee of $59.
* Exterior only no appointment.

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE, BUSINESSES, CIVIL, YACHTS, AIRPLANES, ETC (anything without people) by shot price only

Number of Shots Price
5 Shots exterior only, no appointment $59
10 Shots $99
15 Shots $124
20 Shots $149
25 Shots $174
35 Shots $199
45 Shots $224
55 Shots $249
65 Shots $274
75 Shots $299

No access or properties not shoot-ready are charged a location fee of $59.


Night/Twilight Shoot (Sample 1) (Sample 2) (Sample 3) (Sample 4) *up to15 shots exterior only $119
Drone Shots
     -  6 Photos 3 front, 3 rear (right, center, left)
     -  6 Photos + 360 orbit video 
     -  Custom drone shots and video 

$290 1st Hour $100/30min after


Flickr Slide Show (no music) (Sample) FREE
Slide Show 1080p w/music includes download and link (Sample) $25
Property Flyer (Sample) $25


Per Image *minimum 5 images $19


Make Grass Green, Add Water to Pool (Per Image) $5
Remove Items (such as cars, dumpsters, etc) $19



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